Steamy And Sexual Interview With An Old DDF Favorite

Karlie Simon

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Steamy And Sexual Interview With An Old DDF Favorite

We've got blue eyed, blonde MILF British porn star queen, Karlie Simon, in our DDF livingroom for an intimate interview! It's been a long time since we had this blonde babe around so she's here to catch us up on what's she's been up to lately and show us some of her old tricks.

She is sophisticated and sexy, poised and relaxed in our indoor studio with her luscious stems curled up in her mini dress that exposes her lingerie. Her tits over flowing out of her top her body is top notch. Not shy to answer any of our most personal questions, she slyly moves into doggie style to give us a peak at that hoohah that is to die for.

Continuing on with the interview while fingering her cunnie, our mouths are left watering it's so juicy and stunning. Her curvy ass in the air, shaved pussy exposed, she casually continues on with her masturbation over our conversation.

Don't miss out getting to know Karlie's naughty personality better and watch how she likes her pink to be pleased.

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