Fanny Fun Time!

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Fanny Fun Time!

The female derriere has long been an object of adoration and awe. The annals of mankind are peppered with worship of the buttocks. And when you look upon Valentina Rossini’s moons you will nod your head and say, “Yes, of course. Butts rule!” And it’s our job at 1By-Day to show you butts like this, after all! ;)

Our hot babe is in the shower, but not to cleanse herself. Instead it is the location for her anal penetration by a plug-like toy that is worthy of her bountiful bottom.

Our cameras come in close as Valentina, already naked from the git-go, lubes the toy with her mouth, then shows off the shape of her seat before penetrating it with the plug. It goes deeply into her rear, and then she sends vibrations through it with the remote control.

Low angle and doggie style views get the best perspective on this glorious posterior as Valentina satisfies her fanny, rubs her pouty pussy, and caresses her tits, all on her way to a delightful orgasm! And then, for a finale, she licks the toy clean!

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